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GIANT TORK GEM Multi-Turn Big Torque Electric actuators

B. Part-Turn Big Torque Electric Actuators: 3000~38000Nm

Power Supply: 380VAC/50Hz/3Ph
Control Power: VAC, VDC (Appointed by customer)

Control function:
1) Basic Type: (Same as GEM multi-turn specification)
2) Local control Type: (Same as GEM multi-turn specification)
3) Intelligent Digital Control Unit: (Same as GEM multi-turn specification)

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Other option specification: Explosion proof enclosure actuator (Eexd II B T4, Eexd II C T4)
IP68 10M 72HR

Additional torque switches (SPDT¡Á2EA)
Current position transmitter (output 4~20mA DC)

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