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GPL Series Linear Pneumatic Actuator
GPB Series Penumatic Actuator
GPM Series Diaphragm Penumatic Actuator
GPJ Series Cylinder Pneumatic Actuator
GPZ Series Penumatic actuator

GPL Series Linear Pneumatic Actuator

GPL actuator can operate all kind of on-off or modulating valve with linear shaft motion. GPL consists of one or more pneumatic double acting cylinders designed to operate linear valves such as globe or gate valves.

Typical features are the extremely simple and rugged construction and the special care in the components material selection to reduce the corrosion phenomenon.

GPL actuator can be equipped with mechanical or hydraulic manual emergency device. Each execution can be supplied with equipment and device for local or remote control.

GPB Series Penumatic Actuator

GPB Pneumatic Actuators are divided to double acting and single acting (spring return) with two separated cylinders and double pistons. It is easy to make actuator with huge size cylinder and output torque by this design; inner of cylinder and piston axis are coated with hard chromium which is of great anti-friction capability. The output torque of GPB actuator is good for opening, closing and adjusting of big size ball valve & butterfly valves, meanwhile it fits 90 degree rotary occasion.

GPM Series Diaphragm Penumatic Actuator

GPM pneumatic diaphragm actuators adopt spring balance and the response valve locator is installed to the diaphragm of the pneumatic actuators on the output signal. The position of the disc can be identified through the change of the signal. Zero setting of the actuator is determined by the compression of the spring and the stoke scope is determined by the rigidity of the spring.

GPJ Series Cylinder Pneumatic Actuator

GPJ pneumatic actuator take compressed air as power source. After it receives the electrical analog input signal, it outputs the linear displacement to actuate the actuated device. Meanwhile, the system can be self-locked on three cases (power cut off, gas off, or command signal off). The system is composed of the pneumatic actuator and local control cabinet.
The actuator has simple structure and stable performance with accurate and reliable feedback and is easy to be installed and maintained. It can be used to regulate the damper and valves installed in the boiler in various industries such as Power Industry, Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Metallurgy Industry, etc.

GPZ Series Penumatic actuator

GPZ Series Penumatic actuator is designed for fluid control equipments such as damper. Compared with the conventional actuator, it features with more smooth performance and larger torque output with precise adjustment.

Quarter-turn Actuator
- Output Angle£º90¡ã
- Output Torque£º150~6000Nm
- Solid Box Structure
- Platform Installation, Anchor Bolts
- Hand Wheel
- Three Break Protection
-Input Control Signal£º4~20mA
-Output Position Feedback Signal£º4~20mA
-Configuration can be integrated with smart positioners, solenoid valves, air lock valve, transmitter, limit switches, filter regulator and other accessories.

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